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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boycott the boycott!
Show your support and buy Danish!
Thank you!
As you may have noticed in the past days, Denmark has gotten itself into a pickle about some drawings of the Muslim Prophet Muhammed, published by an Independent Danish newspaper in part of an ongoing debate about religion in Denmark.
The drawings was published December 30 and made a bit of a fuss from day one. Now it has escalated to a level where most countries in the Middle East are boycotting Danish products, and Norwiegian, in an attept to make the Danish Goverment take action against the newspaper.
The freedom of Speech we have in Denmark ( link ), forbids the goverment to in anyway control the press, as long as the matter is within legal boundries. And the 12 drawings was and is 100% legal by Danish law.
What has made the issue a hole lot worse is the spreading of fake pictures and mis-translated text. This has mainly been done, by a Danish Muslim delegation, that in the last 3 months have travelled around the muslim countries trying to gather support against Denmark.
The situation is now that the muslim world demands an apology by the Danish newspaper and the Prime Minister.They have on numerous occasions received both. The problem is that they don't accept the apologies, because we are not going to outlaw the pictures nor pull them back.While most Danes agree that some of the pictures were a bit too much ( I myself ) the newspaper had any right to publish it, and it did. We are not going to change our constitution, because people from other countries says we shall.
The Danish Prime Minister, the Danish Goverment and the Newspaper Jyllands Posten have all said that they are very sorry if anybody was offended or felt hurt. And that it was never the meaning with the drawings, but that they are within the legal limits of the Danish law and that they therefore can not, nor will not do anything about it, exept apologize if anyone was offended.
But that's not enough for them, they continue to boycott us.
So what I would ask of you, if it's not to much trouble, is to buy some Danish goods to show your support and counter the boycott in the Middle Eastern countries.
The goods could for example be: Carlsberg Beer, Tuborg beer, Danzka Vodka, Danish Havarti cheese, Lego, Skagen Watches, Gevalia coffee, Georg Jensen Design, Danish Cookies, Lurpak Butter, White Clover Dairy products, Danish Ham, Danish Bacon, Plumrose products and other stuff.
Doing so will mean a lot to us and will be greatly apreciated by all the Danish people.
So in this fight for freedom I hope you will join in - and chip in - so that freedom may prevail once again.
From the bottom of my heart - Thank You!
Mr Denmark
While Denmark has tried communicating, the answers we have recieved have been both racist, offensive and downright cruel.

Fight for freedom the peacefull way - Buy Danish!


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